Learnsmarter Associate

Associate allows you to communicate with your trainers. An always up to date information flow of courses, locations, resources, materials.

Accurate and up to date

The data your trainers see is the data that’s in Salesforce, so it’s always up to date. No need to worry about missed emails.


Keep trainers updated with their latest travel and accommodation information. Venues include links to Google Maps.

Social Communication

Collaborate with administrators or other trainers using Salesforce Chatter and support participants using Chatter Groups.


Learnsmarter Associate is based around a simple calendar interface. Your trainers need very little time to learn to
use it.

Simple course completion

Trainers enter course completion results directly, giving you quick, accurate results and avoiding needless duplication.


Trainers can see which other trainers they are working with and any resources that have been allocated to the course.

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